Meet Commander Geoffrey

One person we want to introduce you to is Commander Geoffrey, a character who made his appearance in the original demo and now is taking on a very important role in Valendar. Commander Geoffrey was one of the first characters introduced to the world and is the first NPC to give all new player’s their very first quest! Although small to others, this means a lot to us as this will be the introduction to the MMORPG and the first NPCs a player will interact with when starting their character!

Commander Geoffrey is the high commander of the Honored Military and is right hand to the King and Queen of Lyonhall. He leads with honor, respect and dignity! Doing whatever it takes to stop the Forsaken from poisoning the lands and destroying everything that is sacred to the people. Commander Geoffrey will be a familiar face during your travels across the worlds and will always be the mightiest leader you will come across!

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