New World of Titans website

We are excited to announce that we have released the new official website for World of Titans. A new engaging website that opens up forums, news, latest announcements, groups and more! This website was built to differentiate WoT from the Archage Studios website. Giving World of Titans it’s own identity. It allows fellow Titans to connect on the forums, create groups, add friends and share more about their experiences inside World of Titans.

The website also features the official store for World of Titans, thus giving you direct access to purchasing founder packs, addons and merchandise relates to the game. We think this is a great way for players to not only support the game, but also rep it out in the world!

The new website will be the best place to gather the latest news, patch-logs and information about World of Titans. Our forums features a variety of topics that can be used to communicate with other Titans, share your guides and even connect with the development team through suggestions, discussions and bug reports. The forum will also feature a direct support line to official staff and the public, getting help when you need it, in a much quicker time!

We hope everyone enjoys the new website, and we are excited for it to grow and continue to mold the identity of World of Titans on a much more independent level!

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