What’s next for WoT?

World of Titans is just in it’s infant stages! Which means there so much more life for it to experience. With that being said, we are very happy with the direction it’s currently going in and what’s in store for the MMO. Many of you have been asking about what’s coming next, and we are here to share with you as many of the new features that will be coming to the newest update for World of Titans.

  • We have done a complete migration to Unreal Engine 5.1. This provides us with the incredible tools developed for UE5, from world partition, lumen, nanite and so much more!
  • We have also migrated to a brand new map with new biomes! From undersea adventures, to the new Void Elf area. The world was expanded to carry on the story of World of Titans.
  • New armor sets and weapons have made their way into WoT! Giving you more options to customize your Titan.
  • You will also be able to add facial hair to your Titan! Yes, time to grow those beards!
  • We will also be integrating new hair colors for your Titan to choose from, giving more unique looks.
  • A new race has made it’s way into World of Titans! We will save the announcement for this at a later date though! We want to make a big reveal!
  • You will now be able to create Guilds and Groups!
  • Mounts have finally made it’s way into WoT! No more walking for days on end, use faster travel methods to explore Valendar!
  • New magical abilities have arrived!
  • Specialization and Skills restructure. We have taken a lot of feedback for this, and have figured out a new way to balance the specializations of classes.
  • Entirely new questlines for each area! We will feature over 30+ new questlines that will build upon the storyline of WoT.
  • New crafting system
  • PvP zones will be coming!
  • New player housing items
  • New dungeons
  • New Skills
  • More to be announced!

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