A major facelift to World of Titans is coming. Discover what is new in the official release of the MMO.

We are honored to bring to you the information and release date for World of Titans. We will be providing a full post about the new World of Titans and answering some of the main questions received from the start. So let’s dive into the world as we provide you with important information about what you will experience in the new World of Titans MMO.

What is the biggest change to World of Titans?

World of Titans has undergone a complete overhaul and facelift. Taking on a whole new play style and adventure. Our original concept was something we had envisioned for a while, but during the large demo experience we realized that it wasn’t entirely the best option for the MMO community, as it was too broad. We feel that World of Titans should aim more towards the classic MMO style as opposed to a more RPG style. For that reason we have gone with the target and skill based system, allowing for more fluid, competitive and satisfying combat. This allowed us to really expand our action system and give players the ability to pick and choose what skills both active and passive fit their desired play style. This makes things a lot more competitive when it comes to PvP.

Faction, Races & Classes

We felt that an open world MMO needs two sides, giving more excitement to PvP and world based pvp interactions. For that reason we have introduced early on two factions; The Honored & The Forsaken. Falling within the lore of WoT, The Honored stood up against Valakaar and his army during the early wars of Valendar. While the Forsaken have worshiped Valakaar and are choosing the path of chaos and destruction, awaiting the return of Valakaar.

Within those factions are a few races that players will be able to choose from the start. These races include, Humans, Orcs, & Undead. These races will tell their own storylines that players will be able to enjoy as they venture off into the world to begin their adventure. Each of these races will begin in their own starting zones that correlates to the races history, and environment. Giving each race their own staring experience that will excite players to try all races allowed in the game!

While we did mention in the past that we would push a classless system, over time we began to see the issue with that as it became very hard for players to balance themselves in the direction they chose. Making it very hard for players to have a sense of satisfaction when leveling and choosing where to place their acquired skill points. We have decided to implement 5 classes that players can choose when creating their character. These classes are; Warrior, Hunter, Necromancer, Assassin & Cleric. Each class will have their very own skill tree in which the player can choose to follow 2-3 different sub class options. Thus, giving the players a straight narrow path of direction and satisfaction in their gameplay.

The World of Valendar

Those that played the demo, were subjected to two demo maps, once of which was rather large and very tedious to run around in. But we are happy to announce that World of Titans official, will feature a large seamless open world, with no loading screens when traveling freely. The world will feature 15 different zones, that are set for certain levels. This will give players the ability to experience the world fully when venturing out to complete quests to level up their character. Each zone features different biomes, weather systems, enemies and storylines.

Ground Mounts, Flying Mounts & Companions

During the demo, portals and running were your only forms of travel. Now we are beyond excited to share with you that not only ground mounts have been implemented, but flying mounts are now a thing! Players will unlock mounts once they reach a certain level and can acquire these mounts through vendors, quests, world bosses, raids and legendary quests. Gone are the days of just walking and running! As we are beyond excited for these mounts to be enjoyable on day one of the game’s releases. Among these mounts are legendary mounts that are extremely rare to find, but if found are a great way to flex your accomplishment in the game.

Another great thing we have introduced are companions! Now currently at this time, only Hunters and Necromancers will have the ability to summon a companion, but more options will be available to other classes in the future should it balance out. Playing a hunter or necromancer will allow you to reach certain levels in which you can unlock a mighty companion to aid you in battle. These mighty companions are also equipped with certain skills they can use to either provide you extra stats or even cause stuns to enemies.

Discover the story through main, side and legendary quests.

We have spent over a year designing an entire booklet of quests that will not only provide rewards, experience and unlock new areas, but truly tell the story of World of Titans. We have created over 200+ quests that can be completed in the game, that will give you the ultimate lore experience. From basic side quests to main questlines, you will unfold the story and lore that backs the World of Titans.

Legendary quests await those who reach the max level of 50, as they will provide players with a challenging task but mighty rewards. These legendary quests will take you into deep storylines that will open up the world to future expansions and allow YOU as the players to immerse yourselves into the world and the future that awaits.

Parties & Guilds

Another exciting feature to World of Titans is the new party and guild system that has been implemented. Allowing for you to invite players to groups and venture out into the world and complete quests together. A cool mechanic added into groups, is the ability to share xp when defeating enemies (as long as the other party members are within the designated radius of the other player). Players will also be able to have their own chat shared among the other group members. With the leader being able to kick members and promote another party member to leader of the group.

As mentioned in the past, we are also excited to announce the creation of Guilds. A mighty system that can be used to build an empire of players that are devoted to their guild and can enjoy events together. One of the biggest features of guilds is the Guild vs Guild PvP system. Guilds can now wage war among one another and compete against each other. (More PvP information is explained down below).

Player vs Player System

PvP is one of the most popular aspects of any MMO, and we have figured out a fun and exciting way to provide that to the player base for World of Titans. WoT will feature of course your normal duel another player feature out in the world, giving you the ability to walk up to any other player and duel them, should they accept.

One huge feature being added is Guild vs Guild PvP. This will unlock the ability for players who are part of a guild to compete against other Guilds. Unlocking Guild PvP Events, which can be weekly, monthly and seasonal. Providing leaderboards and even redeemable rewards for victorious guild members. This system was a great way to build competition among guilds outside of just the normal guild system, a great way to build up a PvP guild for sure!

In the early stages of WoT we will be enhancing our PvP system to allow for arena based PvP as well as battleground PvP, this is still a feature early in development and will be released in later patches of WoT infant stages.

Player vs Environment System

Of course, this is the base of the MMO, and we have worked towards providing a fun and engaging PvE system, both on a base level and end game content level. Players will be able to explore a chaotic world full of creatures and enemies, that cause a threat to the player. Outside of the normal questing, players can group up and take on Dungeons, where the threat level of an enemy is heightened for a true challenging experience. These dungeons can be accessed out in the world once found, but be prepared for a tough experience! With the enemy health, damage and skills enhanced to be a true challenge to the player(s), but the rewards are also increased both on acquired xp and physical rewards whether it be gear, weapons or currency.

Another thing that was implemented are world bosses, which can be found out in the world. These bosses are extremely difficult and can take up to 10+ well geared players to take it down, but once defeated can discover very mighty and even sometimes legendary/rare items.


Now we can’t forget about professions! How else do you expect to make all that gold? Well do not worry dear friends. Professions have been introduced, and will include a variety of options to make you wealth! We have integrated a few starting professions for you to take up on start, which are; Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Jewel Crafting, Alchemy & Cooking.

Each profession carries a lot of importance to the world and the economy, giving players the ability to create and sell their items to other players directly or post on the auction house. As you level up in the world, you will unlock new items that can be acquired, crafted and consumed!

End Game Content

Now we completely understand that end game content is extremely important, and we want to make sure we provide enough content to keep players engaged once reaching max level. For that reason, we have come up with many new and exciting adventures that can only be completed once hitting max level. These experiences are; Raids & Legendary Questlines.

Raids include the ability to unlock a new experience in which you can travel with players into certain PvE battles that are rewarded with max level gear, mounts, weapons and more!

Legendary Questlines will enhance the story, and put you on great adventures that are only able to be played at max level. Each questline will unlock new max level gear, weapons and mounts.

Projected Release Date

Now, this of course is projection based on the progress of the game, and want to make sure we follow through with the date, but of course there is always unforeseen circumstances that could change the date. Currently at this time, we expect to have World of Titans officially released in November of 2023. No exact date is determined at this time, but as we get closer we will have an exact date. Before we hit the release date we will be running multiple testing stages that will last anywhere from 1-3 weeks during each test stage.

Become a founder

If you are interested in being part of these testing stages or unlocking exciting rewards, the founders packages can be purchased here. Get them while you can, as come September, these packages will be removed and NEVER seen again.

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