Demo version is now live!

Our largest patch thus far is now here! Open Steam and download the latest version of! Enjoy the new map and experiences!

– A completely new condensed map, to avoid the massive travel time from the original. Mounts will soon be available allowing us to reimplement the original map.
– Added new questlines
– Added new craftable items
– Added the Dead Knight dungeon and boss battle with new loot drops
– Added new player housing plots with new designs (some bugs discovered, and being addressed in a future patch).
– New furniture
– New cooking and smelting methods (mimics that of the work benches)
– New enemy ai
– AI optimization
– New day/night cycle with reactive sound effects
– Name plates now always face the player
– New zone/area music
– Fixed minor UI bugs
– New choppable trees
– Mining now indicates when node is depleted
– New weapons added
– New map markers for important locations to help with questing (quest tracker system coming soon).
– All dungeons are on teleportation systems, not attached to the map.
– Fishing has been optimized
– Stats of items have been balanced for gear and weapons (more stat balancing coming in future patches for skills, spells and food).
– Balancing the economy with cost of goods, items and quest (still a major work in progress, as player economy needs to be done very precisely).
– New balancing of fishing and its loot.

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