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Ready to dive into World of Titans a little more? Well take a look below at in-game screenshots of what you will be able to experience in the world of Valendar. Our team is working around the clock to make sure the experience is well worth the wait! Each location in the world is specially designed to immerse players into a fantasy world and begin a whole new story that can be followed and loved by gamers around the world!

World of Titans will feature a robust seamless world with as little loading screens as we can possibly accomplish! We want players to feel fully invested in the world and not break the immersion with loading screens. Each area of the world is designed to match a story, lore or character that helped mold the world. Players will discover stories along the way that introduce new areas, interactable characters and even unlock collectable items.

During your adventures in Valendar you will come across major cities that will feature a plethora of activities, vendors, trade quests and more! Players can connect with one another and group up, create guilds, craft and more!

During our first Demo players didn’t get the option to quick travel with mounts, and now finally we have introduced mounts that will feature both ground and flight! So travelling will be easier and quicker as you explore the vast world!

Combat will be inevitable in the world so be ready to fight your way through quests, dungeons raids and PVP! Gear will be collectable, craft-able and rewarded when completing quests! So get the gear you need to survive the elements of the world! All gearsets will have bonus stats when all items are equipped, so the more you collect the better the stats will be!

World of Titans will allow players to join into a classic MMO style world and choose the path that best suits their play style! The time is coming where you will soon make your mark on the world of Valendar!

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