We are migrating to Unreal Engine 5.1

We are excited to share with you what we have taken from the community, the players and the feedback from our QA team. We have spent the last month in a demo mode testing hundreds of features implemented into the World of Titans. From quests, to outfits, to weapons and boss fights. We have established the foundation for World of Titans, and now it’s time to take it to the next level. This being said we have decided to upgrade the engine from 4.26 and completely migrate to Unreal Engine 5.1. This giving us a lot more freedom to level design, optimization, performance improvement and more!

With that being said, we will also be integrating a lot of new features including a Quest Helper! That’s right!!! A quest helper, to make it easier for the new player experience to get the hang of the game and not feel lost or confused. Another major update is we are upgrading the map again to enhance the players experience and expand the world a little bit more!

We are beyond thankful for everyone who has played the game and has given us the feedback we needed to continue to grow the game. There is still a lot planned and in the works! We have decided to extend the life of the demo a couple more months so that way we can continue to test the features added! We don’t have an exact date for this release, but we plan on it coming out very soon!

One last thing to address is there has been some confusion on the origins of World of Titans, as we originally started as TitanReach, we are NOT TitanReach. Our goal was not to recreate it, but to expand on it and follow some of the same ideas/concepts. We are not trying to mimic the RuneScape style. We wanted to allow for more freedom of players using acquired skill points to enhance what they think is important to their gameplay. We have a lot of new concepts being introduced, but want to make sure we are seen separate from TR and RS.

Thank you for your continued support and we are excited for the next major update to World of Titans!

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