Introducing Gal’Tal Mountains, starting area for new players!

The first demo of World of Titans, was a great test run for us to see what needs to be improved, changed, added, adjusted or fixed! We gathered a lot of information from the first demo and are very happy with the progress we made!

During the demo, a big issue we noticed was lack of direction for a new player! That told us that we needed to figure out how we can better guide players into the world and how to actually play the MMO! Our development team has come up with a separate instanced map, where players will start when they create their first character! Helping guide them on how to play the MMO and get them started with their first few levels!

Gal’Tal Mountains is in the heat of a war as the forsaken have started their assault on Valendar. You are sent down by the Titan Gods to aid the world in the fight against the forsaken. You will come across multiple NPCs that will provide you quests to learn how to play, by teaching spells/skills, weapons, armor, crafting, interactions, looting and harvesting, potions, items and weapon sockets!

We are very happy with how the new version of World of Titans is turning out and cannot wait for players around the world to experience the game!

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  • im so excited for this game! I hate that I missed the demo! but did my part buying the founders pack! Goodluck hope you can do what titan reach failed.

    Posted August 19, 2023

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