Seasonal Holiday EVENTS!

What better way to spread holiday cheer than by ensuring Valendar receives it’s very own holiday seasons! We here at Archage Studios love the festivities of the holidays, and for that reason we have integrated it into World of Titans! Every year, we will have a major holiday season take place in the world! With holiday themed questlines, dungeons/raids, gear and weapons!

During the holiday season, we will feature 3 major seasonal events.

  • Hallows Eve Festival
  • Fall Festival
  • Yule Festival

Each event will result in the extensive level design of the world that will feature hundreds of festival based designs and moods! During this time, we will also be integrating holiday specific music scores to help establish the mood!

During each event, we will also be running dailies that will give out some fun and even possibly very rare rewards! Don’t miss out on these fun yearly events inside World of Titans!

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