The Return to Valendar is coming soon. Prepare for the new World of Titans MMORG.

Greetings Titan! Long time no see, and what a mighty return we are preparing for into the world of Valendar. Many changes have occurred during the year, and these changes we are beyond excited to share! Although we can’t dive too much into the gameplay just yet, as that is coming in a future post, we would like to start by sharing with you the new Logo for World of Titans, a fun and exciting new logo that captures the style and heart of the game and the adventure that awaits!

Our team has been working endlessly to create a new world that invites players into something unique and new! Something that brings back the love of classic MMORPG gameplay. Granted, those who did play the demo will notice a complete difference in the new version, as we migrated away from the style we originally intended for World of Titans. We have gone with a more classic approach with spell casting, targeting and more seamless combat. This will be a great place for new players as well as skilled MMO players to jump in and not have to completely learn a new or complex system.

As we get closer to a closed testing stage, we will be inviting players around the world to apply for a spot on the testing team and those who purchased certain founder packs, giving them full access into the game and be able to experience all the new features before the game goes into public testing later in the year. This is something that is very exciting to us, as we will get to share with you all the growth that has come from day 1 to today! We have noticed huge changes and cannot wait for everyone to see the incredible progress the development team has made. Stay tuned, as we will be asking questions to the developers of the new changes that will be coming as well as showing off some new gameplay of World of Titans!

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